Customer Testimonials

“I’ve worked with six different processing companies since 1999. PayVerse has, by far, the best support I’ve ever seen. I get e-mails quickly, and every time I call, I get a live person on the line who is both knowledgeable and friendly. From helping with chargebacks to dropping off supplies, PayVerse’s customer service is truly A+! You’re the company I’m sticking with. Thanks, guys.”

– Pete C, Detroit, MI

“Two key things here. #1 – PayVerse has saved me hundreds of dollars a year, and #2 – PayVerse’s service. The last time I called my question was answered in one simple phone call. We didn’t take credit cards for a long time due to the expense, and when we did we thought we had a good deal, or at least that’s what our last merchant processor told us. I am so glad I took the time to listen when you came in because this is so much better.”

– Gina D, Palm Bay, FL

“Our company had some major setbacks over the past year with getting credit card machines set up at three of our locations. After many headaches, we were referred to PayVerse by a family friend. The representative took over our account and personally made sure that we were supported through every step of the process and that everything was done to our satisfaction. I appreciate all he did to help us! Thank you!!!!”

– Janet L, Lomas, NM

“I had the pleasure of speaking to Adam Jones in your Technical department this morning. Mr. Jones spent over 30 min with me to rectify a problem I was having with my terminal. He was very patient and courteous throughout our conversation. He is a great asset to your team.”

– Mike Everest, Irvine, CA

“I have to thank you for all your help and expediency it is very much appreciated. Opening a merchant account is not the easiest thing to do especially during work hours, but you did hold our hand and expedited the process and this is why I’m writing this letter. If you could forward this message to management that would be great.”

– Nathan Rogers, Austin, TX

PayVerse has been our credit card processing vendor for the past several years. Originally we chose to use their services because their rates and fees were significantly lower than the vendor we were currently using. Their attention to detail and willingness to help with any situation that comes up makes them a valuable asset.
Our local representative Adam has given his cell phone number, along with their 24/7 toll free support. We have complete confidence that any issue that arises will be handled in the most expeditious manner.

I would recommend PayVerse to anyone that is interested in saving money on their rates and fees and wants a local representative to manage their account.

– Suzy Calvary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

It was not even 24 hours and I received an email from PayVerse saying that I was approved. The next day, I received an email stating that my account was activated. I am not sure you can ask for anything better than this?

– Michael Landed, Westminster, CA

PayVerse made everything easy for us. We were able to get our account set up and was doing business faster than we ever expected. We highly recommend PayVerse.

– Andy Ventures, Springfield, IL

I am proud to say that PayVerse signed me up for a merchant account with no problem. They are fast, simple, and work right away to get you going. I highly recommend PayVerse.

– Michelle Storms, Huntington Beach, CA

Overall finding what I needed was simple. The application only took a few minutes and my account was set up very quickly. Thank you PayVerse!

– Doug Pope, Alexandria, VA

Easy as 1-2-3. After shopping for a payment processor for several weeks, we came across PayVerse…it was a “no brainer”. Thanks PayVerse

– Marlene Wong , Bellevue, WA